Pet Behaviour

“Working with you to understand your pet’s behaviour and guiding you through a programme of behavioural modification”

Career Background

Emma has worked as a veterinary surgeon at Browne and McKinney, Broughton-in-Furness since qualifying from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 2000. During her career in veterinary practice, Emma has developed a strong interest in the diagnosis and management of behavioural conditions in companion animals. Emma’s veterinary interests in animal behaviour are complemented by her background of over 25 years in dog obedience training and 15 years in competitive dog agility training.

In 2013 Emma was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare with Distinction from Newcastle University. This qualification is validated by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) Accreditation Committee.

• Full Member of the Association of Pet Behavioural Counsellors (APBC)
• Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) Registered Veterinary Behaviourist and Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist
• Member of the British Veterinary Behaviour Association (BVBA)
Behaviour problems are not uncommon and can affect the quality of life of both pets and their owners. They can make living with a pet difficult and in some cases impossible which can lead to animals being rehomed or put to sleep. The key is to assess the motivation behind the behaviour correctly and diagnose the behavioural condition involved. A management or treatment plan can then be formulated that is tailored to the individual patient. It is not always possible to prevent or cure all behavioural problems but an increasing knowledge and understanding of pet behaviour can allow more problems to be prevented or treated if they do arise.

Behavioural Services

• All aspects of canine and feline problem behaviours including but not restricted to aggression, separation-related, house-soiling, chase, fear/phobias and anxiety
• Socialisation advice
• Rescue/rehoming related advice
• Puppy and kitten advice
• Adolescent/young adult advice
• Geriatric related behavioural conditions
• Advice prior to acquiring a pet

Veterinary Referral and Consultation Process

Emma carries out consultations for clients of Browne and McKinney and for clients on referral from neighbouring veterinary practices. Consultations are tailored to individual requirements. Some conditions can be more easily discussed in a shorter consultation at the surgery. However, more complex cases require a much more detailed approach and are carried out as home visits generally lasting up to 2-21/2 hours. This allows a full history to be taken together with an assessment of the patient in their home environment. A behavioural modification programme is introduced during the consultation followed up with a full written report. A copy of the report will also be sent to your own vet if the case is a referral. In some situations, only one consultation will be required with follow-up given my email or telephone contact. Other cases will require follow-up consultations to assess progress and allow further practical discussions.

Initial Contact and Arranging a Consultation
Initial contact may be from clients directly or from a referring veterinary surgeon. Contact the main reception on :

– Telephone: Broughton-in-Furness Surgery
01229 716230 (office hours 8am-6pm Mon-Fri)
– Email:

Consultations are usually held on weekday afternoons. If the case is a referral, your consent is requested to make contact with your own vet. This is necessary to discuss any medical history that may be relevant and to keep them informed about the behavioural advice given.

Please be aware that only basic advice or short term “first aid” assistance can be given over the telephone in the first instance. Face-to-face contact is vital, and the behavioural consultation process is necessary to diagnose the behavioural condition and assess prognosis correctly.