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Sheep Care Services

There are many different breeds of sheep bred in Cumbria from the Herdwick to the Texel. We can deal with all sheep veterinary & health matters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Flock Health Plans
Each farm needs a unique plan of activity throughout the year to maintain the highest health status and therefore productivity and profitability.We will discuss everything and tailor a plan to suit your farm.

It is worth reviewing what vaccines you use, how and when you use them and should you be using something else.
We will give you independent professional advice on CLOSTRIDIAL, PASTEURELLA, FOOTROT, ABORTION, BLUETONGUE and SCHMALLENBERG vaccinations.

Lambings & Caesarians
We can visit your farm, but we prefer you to bring sheep to the surgery where all the facilities make it easier to cope with whatever presents and increase the chances of live lambs.

This is the area where we as Veterinary advisers can help you the most. We see a tremendous amount of bad parasite control. We see and hear about the wrong drugs being used at the right time, the right drugs at the wrong time, animals being dosed when there is no need to dose them at all and far too much double dosing for fluke and worms combined.

A vast amount of wasted effort and money can be saved if you seek the right advice from us. We sell very little anthelmintic, so we have no vested interest in giving you the right advice.

The two essential things to consider now are resistance to conventional anthelmintics, and faecal worm egg counts. Phone now on 01229 716230 to discuss these issues concerning: FLUKE. ROUNDWORMS. TAPEWORMS. SCAB MITES. LICE.

Sheep Over Brothers Water

Tup Fertility
Pre-breeding checks on all your tups are well worth doing. This involves a thorough physical exam of each animal, paying particular attention to reproductive organs. Semen can be collected via electroejaculation and examined under the microscope. Better to find a tup is infertile before you lose him with ewes rather than a month later when they all come round again or worse still if they just turn out barren.


We can advise on all aspects of lameness management particularly the awkward ones like CODD [Contagious Ovine Digital Dermatitis] where foot bathing and antibiotic injections may be required.

One of the most useful things we can do!! The only way to accurately diagnose the current fluke infestation in your flock so is very worth doing at all times of the year. We need to get the carcass as fresh as possible after death to give the best chance of a diagnosis. If you suspect Pneumonia or Fluke and wish to reduce costs, you can open up the carcass yourself and just bring us the lungs and liver to examine.

Out of hours Emergencies

Veterinary advice and assistance are available 24 hours a day.
During office hours, please contact the surgery. Outside of these hours please continue to call 01229 716230 to speak to a receptionist.