August 2019

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We are pleased to say we have a new veterinary surgeon starting this month – Bryony Garner who has recently qualified from the University of Budapest.  We have thankfully found someone local as Bryony was brought up in Cockermouth, so should be used to Cumbrian ways!!  We have also got Carly-Jade Holland helping out in […]

June 2019

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With the welcome rain and the grass starting to grow after the majority of stock is now thankfully outside. In practice news, we have unfortunately said goodbye to Andrew Doull who has decided to move back up to his home town of Glasgow.  We are currently in the process of looking for a replacement and […]

April 2019

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As Easter approaches we are lucky to be enjoying some warm spring sunshine and I am sure you are all looking forward to getting stock turned out.  Those of you in the radial testing area will be aware of the need to have another TB test, which will be allocated to be done between 6 […]

February 2019

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As most of you will be aware TB testing has been keeping us busy over the last few months, but we have almost completed the radial testing around the breakdown herd.  We were asked to test all cattle over 6 weeks old on 110 different holdings, some of which gained an exemption from testing as […]

December 2018

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As most of you may be aware of the news from the area this month is the confirmation of TB on one farm near Ulverston.  The disease was confirmed in one animal at slaughter, and radial testing has been put in place.  All farms with the land that is used for cattle within 3 km […]

October 2018

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Some of you may be aware that we have a new vet in the practice, Liusaidh McMaster. Liusaidh is from a beef and sheep farm on Arran and has just graduated from Edinburgh University. She is looking forward to getting out on farms and treating your animals. TB tests are being allocated by DEFRA to […]

August 2018

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Summer has certainly been better than last year with the problem being the quantity of grass conserved rather than quality. The welcome rain has made everywhere look a bit greener—it was starting to look a bit like the Mediterranean in some places.  The culture results from the TB suspect mentioned in the last newsletter have […]

June 2018

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At last, we have all been able to enjoy some late-spring sunshine, and let’s hope it continues into the summer. TB testing has almost finished for the summer—we are waiting for culture results from one cow that was found with suspicious lesions at slaughter, but with the rest of the herd testing clear we hope […]

April 2018

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With Easter now over for another year we are all hoping that the weather will start to improve allowing grass to grow.  We have re-tested the doubtful animals found at TB test in Dalton and these have thankfully tested clear.  The workload this month includes getting prepared for the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) […]

February 2018

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As we head into early spring the news is that after 18 months Jack Porteous is heading to the highest market town in England, having been tempted back to his home practice.  We have a replacement coming to help us through March and hope to get further help for the remainder of the spring.  TB […]