Browne & McKinney has been providing caring and professional treatment in Cumbria and the Lakeland area for more than 20 years.


We will continue to provide all necessary services as required but in a different way.


We have divided staff into different teams with no contact at the surgeries, Vets will be working from home where possible.

If you need to discuss a case with a particular Vet they can return your call.

All non- essential work and consultations will be postponed.

Repeat prescriptions and drug/vaccine orders must be ordered by phone

Collection points and times and payments will be arranged.

All appointments must be arranged by phone

Please do not just ‘turn up’ at either surgery expecting service.

Dog/Cat booster vaccinations may be safely postponed for up to 3 months

Horse annual booster vaccinations must still be done by their due date.

The extra 6-month vaccination introduced last year in the face of the flu outbreak no longer applies.

TB Testing will continue for those farms due in the next few weeks. [this may change ??]

We are no longer receiving daily drug deliveries nor full supplies as ordered.

We need to limit the amounts of certain drugs we prescribe on each occasion.

This situation will hopefully improve as things settle down over the next weeks.

Please be patient and understanding and keep telephone conversations as short as possible.

We pride ourselves on the care we offer, the facilities we provide and the manner in which we deliver our services to you. We are able to provide care for a large range of animals with extensive experience handling animals from gerbils to giraffes. As one of the leading vets in South Cumbria, we at Browne & McKinney takes satisfaction from the high level of care, compassion, and service that we provide for you and your animals.

It is all about your animals and our team provides a friendly service covering all aspects of veterinary surgery and medicine – vaccinations, routine and emergency services, medical investigations, dietary advice, dental work etc.

Our clients have access to 24-hour emergency consultations and treatment.

Out of hours emergencies

Veterinary advice and assistance are available 24 hours a day.
During office hours please contact the surgery. Outside of these hours please continue to call 01229 716230 to speak with a receptionist.


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